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With help from fellow club members, sponsors, and the media, we’re setting up the route to drive buggies the 2,800 mile one-way run from Southern California to Nags Head, North Carolina, with plans to arrive in time to spend the week at the 2013 Manx on the Banx event. Tentative plans are to leave around October 8th, driving 450 – 500 miles a day and hitting the East Coast on the weekend of October 12th. Manx on the Banx then runs from October 14th to the 19th. Those who have commitments can then ship their buggy back home (I’m looking for a carrier now), or take the scenic cruise back. Exciting things are in the works, including a commitment from Hot Rod Magazine to join us on the run, meet and greet stops along the way for Manx Club members in other states, and many other surprises that are too premature to announce. Lots of logistical issues, and we’ll need to have solid, proven, buggies that can withstand the long haul. But, man are we going to have a great time! So . . .WHO’S IN!